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Elektrisches Gefühl (English translation)

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Electrical feeling

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Breathless and remote-controlled
Indifferent and troubled
I'm really out of it
I can't even feel myself aynmore
I want to jump into
The water from a height of 15 meters
So that I feel again
That I am alive
I walk towards the edge
I feel my heart beating
I breathe in and let myself fall
I feel every part of me
Electrical feeling
I am totally weightless
Electrical feeling
Feels like the first breath
Electrical feeling
And the voice which tells me
Today will be a good day
Today will be a good day
Even if a 1000 sorrows torment me
And pull me down
It's better to let go
Than going to pieces
I take what I faer
And write it down on paper
I light it and let it burn
I leave it all behind
Everything around me pulsates
I don't feel the pain anymore
The floor, the wall, the room vibrates
I'm light-hearted again
Everything that pulls you down
Everything that troubles your heart
Let it go
Let it go
Let it go
Everything what's not important
Everything what's not right
Let it go
Let it go
Let it go
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Elektrisches Gefühl

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