Elen Skum (Elle) (English translation)


Elen Skum (Elle)

De rahpasii giđđaeatnu fas
De dulvvi miel luoittašeimmet
Jiekŋaidja gárttai viimat vuollánit
De girdilin biellocizažiin
De joradin guovssahasain
Vuoibmás vuoiŋŋ ahagas šogádeimme ovttas
Mu bieggabártnažan
De rahtase jienaheamit fas
De golggiihii sátnerávdnji
Gálbmon gáttiin go mii viimat gávnnadeimmet
Go váccašat ealloravddas de...
Go guođuhat suhkesoivviid...
Almmiravda ealaska ja sugada
Mu bieggabártnažan
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And so the spring river opened up again
And so we let ourselves drift with the flood
The night of ice had to give in
My dearest son of the wind
Surely I flew with the bluethroat
Surely I danced with the northern light
In the strongest of breath we exhaled as one
My dearest son of the wind
The lips of the silenced people bursted out in speech
The stream of words once again were flowing
Over the frozen riverbanks when we finally came together
My dearest son of the wind
When you´re walking alongside the reindeer-herd...
When you guard the reindeer-oxen with the great antlers...
All of the horizon comes alive and starts to move
My dearest son of the wind
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Author's comments:

Translation from info on youtube video

Only the title was not translated, so if someone here understands Sami, please translate the title...

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