Eliad - After All These Years

  • Artist: Eliad (אליעד נחום, Eliad Nachum)
  • Also performed by: Omer Adam
  • Album: I Love Us (OST)

After All These Years

After all these years with you
I just wanna say
I love you so much more
With each and every single day
Just look into my eyes and you will see, I swear,
How I love you way beyond compare
From you I learned to rise above and be forgiving
Taught me how to stand my ground, and when to just keep giving
And through my darkest times when I was broken, I swear
Every time you were always there
I look into your eyes with every sunrise,
You’re never alone
It suddenly hits me
Baby you’ve made me
The man I’ve become
After all these years with you
I finally understand
Together, Baby, we’ll never fall
With gratitude for all you’ve done
You’ll always be my number one
Forever I will give you my all
I’m gonna give you my all
After all these years with you
I’m always reaching higher
I listen and I hear your dreams and all that you desire
And your loving warm embrace is my true comfort, I swear
You’re the answer to my every prayer
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Music and lyrics: Avi Ohayon English translation: Eliad Nachum and Marcy Shamir. from the soundtrack of "I Love Us", see the trailer @


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