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I Belong To Me [Ich gehör nur mir] lyrics

  • Artist: Elisabeth das Musical Featuring artist: Pia Douwes
  • Album: Elisabeth
  • Translations: Finnish

I Belong To Me [Ich gehör nur mir]

I will not be well-bred,
obedient, and well-behaved
I will not be humble,
don't jumble to be enslaved.
I don't want to be your property,
'cause I belong to me.
When I walk the tightrope,
don't stop me, just let me try.
I want to take chances,
find out what it takes to fly.
I don't care at all if you agree.
I belong to me.
If you try to range me
on your own array,
You force me to leave you alone.
If you try to change me,
I just break away
to be what I am on my own.
I'm freezing, I'm burning,
you can't put me on the shelf.
I'm growing, I'm learning
to be even more myself.
I know it's not easy to be free.
But I belong to me!
I hate to be burdened
with duties and ancient lies,
can't stand to be touched by
the looks of a thousand eyes.
I flee from the crowd in agony.
I just belong to me.
If you want to find me,
don't hold me so tight.
Don't break me, and don't take me on.
If you want to bind me,
I'm ready to fight;
I'll shake off my chains and be gone.
I'm here when you need me,
I live and I die with you.
I'll share all your troubles,
I'll laugh and I'll cry with you.
You can blame me and bless me,
but you cannot possess me,
'cause I belong to me!
To me!
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