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Sera Was Never lyrics


Sera Was Never

Sera was never quite an agreeable girl;
Her tongue tells tales of rebellion.
But she was so fast,
And quick with her bow,
No one quite knew where she came from.
Sera was never quite the quietest girl;
Her attacks are loud and they’re joyful.
But she knew the ways of nobler men,
And she knew how to enrage them.
She would always like to say,
“Why change the past,
when you can own this day?”
Today she will fight,
To keep her way.
She’s a rogue and a thief,
And she’ll tempt your fate.
Sera was never quite the wealthiest girl;
Some say she lives in a tavern.
But she was so sharp,
and quick with bow;
Arrows strike like a dragon.
Sera was never quite the gentlest girl;
Her eyes were sharp like a razor.
But she knew the ways of commoner men,
And she knew just how to use them.
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