Diana Haddad - Ella Hona (إلى هنا) (English translation)


Ella Hona (إلى هنا)

اذا راح و شيصير
اذا راح و شيصير
ليروح خله ايطير
اصلاً حلو التغيير
محد بدون احد
تعذب وحيله انهد
كولش حلو ان جدد
طيبه الأمور تصير
الى هنا وتنتهي
عشرتكم المو حلوه
مارد بعد ابد
الكلمن طلع مايسوه
العافني هو الخسر
فضل عليه سوه
الفوق فوق ايظل تره
والجوه يبقى جوه
حبكم بعد ميفيد
ماريدكم ماريد
عني بعدكم عيد
الغشاش والكذاب
ايسوي فضل لوغاب
يلي هواكم جاب
بس حرقة الاعصاب
هيا ارحلوا عن دنيتي
خلوني اعيش ايامي
وياكم طلع مابي نفع
كل حبي واهتمامي
الدنيا بلاكم نورت
يلله امشوا ياظلامي
مااطخ راسي وانحني
واتراجع بكلامي
عاجبني هذا الحال
محد يمر عالبال
والوضع عال العال
هم ونكد وجراح
حبكم قهر وانزاح
كل شي يخصكم راح
عوفوني اريد ارتاح
يحق لي ترك الذي
سبب ازعاج القلبي
اليحبني صح احبه صح
وانطي عمري وحبي
مو اتعب واسهر واحن
ويروح بالشط تعبي
بهالحاله لا هو بدرب
واني اروح بدربي
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English translation

Till Here

If he left then, so what
If he left then, so what
Let him go, let him fly away
Change is a good thing anyways
Without someone else, nobody ever
was tortured and torn down totally
It's actually good if you make changes
things can become good for you this way
Till here ends
my unpleasant relationship with you
I am never ever returning
to the ones who turned out to be worthless
If someone leaves me, it's their loss
and they do me a favor
You see, whoever is up high remains so
And whoever is low remains low
Your love is worth nothing
I don't want you, I don't want
You being far away is to me a feast
The one who cheats and lies
does you a favor when he goes away
Your love only made me
agitated and furious
Go on, leave my world
Let me live my days
It turned out that you are not worth
all my love and my attention
The world became lit without you
Go away, oh you who have been unfair to me
I won't bring my head down or bow
And go back on my words
I like how things are this way
Nobody is on my mind
And it's all tip-top
Grief, sadness and wounds..
Your love is a burden that I've been relieved of
Everything that has to do with you is gone
Leave me, I want to be in peace
It is my right to leave the ones who
cause disturbance to my heart
If someone loves me truly, I love them truly
And I dedicate to them my life and love
But it doesn't make sense to stay up and long for someone
for all my efforts to wash upon the shore
In this case, no, let him go his way
And I will go my way
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