Olivia Ruiz - Elle panique (English translation)

English translation

She freaks out

She freaks out
Thinking that she might overdo
Or grow old before time
She freaks out
Thinking that she might go amiss
Or get bored one seconde
She's afraid for you to leave
And scared of your revenge
She's afraid for her lil'bro'
She's afraid
Scared for her own butt
She freaks out {x2}
And you be quiet, stupid noggin !
You're not gonna make me crazy
I'll beat you down with a pickaxe
If you're not giving up right now
She's scared not to be loved
She's scared to love herself some day
It's stressing, it's killing her
Ça lessive dans son tambour*
Alone and ugly that's her fear
She wants that somebody worries
Doesn't wanna see dirty flesh
Neither let hair under the armpits
She freaks out {x2}
And you be quiet, my old noggin !
I'm worn out
You're not intimitating me
I'm not listening anymore
Leave me in peace or I'll slap you
I feel all broken up inside
On me, your questions rebound
No need to tire yourself up
She freaks out {x3}
Submitted by CaillouChou on Wed, 23/06/2010 - 14:37
Author's comments:

* I really can't translate that, it's a metaphor, something (her thoughts actually) are turning round and round in herself like in a washing-machine

Once again it ain't no word-to-word translation, I kept the ideas and the number of syllables so that it fits in the rythm !


Elle panique

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