Nautilus Pompilius - K Eloize (К Элоизе) (English translation)

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To Eloise

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Azure, pale blue oceans, endless
Rivers full of your sweet love that poured, -
I'll remember forever:
Those flowers you so adored.
Unexplored and distant countries,
Secret maps of ships that sank in vain
I will leave on the sand stone
Lying next to your grave.
I gave you gifts of roses,
Roses were from my nightmare dreams,
Dreams were full of black smoke haze,
Arsenic in flowers teemed.
Even evil blood hounds
Did not dare to bark out loud at night,
When I was reading you my books
All about shaggy hags.
Sing, sing together with me
Frightening folk tale: "I shall be with thee."
You, I - together we hinge
On pale yellow photo with sable fringe.
In my hands there's a keen sword,
And a knife in my teeth,
We are boarding a steam boat,
Sailing off. God, forgive!
Behold, my angel!
Stormy gray stripes cover heaven,
Glassy eyes of yours are like black dots,
I will close them forever,
I will tie all the knots.
All these ribbons made from silk thread,
And this fake beard made from velvet plush,
[All] will happen at once, and
You will die in a rush.
Sleep tight, Eloise, my true love,
I will guard your sleep with the wing from above.
Sleep tight, darling, cork off.
Lights in the house went out long ago.
I will sing you a sad song,
Song about tragic love,
Song about queen that was deaf,
About blind king. Don't laugh!
Sleep tight, my angel...
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Equirhythmic poetic translation of chilling NP classic.


K Eloize (К Элоизе)

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