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To die - without the Dying (1017)
1018 Who saw no Sunrise cannot say
102 Great Caesar! Condescend
1028 'Twas my one Glory
1030 That Such have died enable Us
1031 Fate slew Him, but He did not drop
1032 His Bill an Auger is
107 'Twas such a little – little boat
109 By a flower — By a letter
1092 It was not Saint—it was too large—
110 Artists wrestled here!
1101 Between the form of Life and Life
1102 His Bill is clasped — his Eye forsook
1106 We do not know the time we lose
1108 A Diamond on the Hand
1111 Some Wretched creature, savior take
1112 That this should feel the need of Death
1113 There is a strength in proving that it can be borne
1114 The largest Fire ever known
1115 The murmuring of Bees, has ceased
1116 There is another Loneliness
1117 A Mine there is no Man would own
112 Where bells no more affright the morn
1121 Time does go on
1127 Soft as the massacre of Suns
1128 These are the Nights that Beetles love
113 Our share of night to bear
1137. The duties of the Wind are few
1140 The Day grew small, surrounded tight
1145 In thy long Paradise of Light
1146 When Etna basks and purrs
1149 I noticed People disappeared
1151 Soul, take thy risk
1154 A full fed Rose on meals of Tint
1157 Some Days retired from the rest
1163 God made no act without a cause
118 My friend attacks my friend!
1210 The Sea said "Come" to the Brook
122 A something in a summer's Day
1222 The Riddle we can guess
1242 To flee from memory
1275 The Spider as an Artist
1292 Yesterday is History
1298. The Mushroom is the Elf of Plants
1301 I cannot want it more
1302 I think that the Root of the Wind is Water
1306 Surprise is like a thrilling — pungent
1309 The Infinite a sudden Guest
131 Besides the Autumn poets sing
1310 The Notice that is called the Spring
1315 Which is the best — the Moon or the Crescent?
1316 Winter is good — his Hoar Delights
1319 How News must feel when travelling
1324 I send you a decrepit flower
1327 The Symptom of the Gale
1329 Whether they have forgotten
133 As Children bid the Guest "Good Night
1330 Without a smile — Without a Throe
1335 Let me not mar that perfect Dream
1336 Nature assigns the Sun
1339. A Bee his burnished Carriage
1340 Unto the Whole — how add?
1348 Lift it — with the Feathers
1349 I'd rather recollect a setting
1350 Luck is not chance
1354 The Heart is the Capital of the Mind
1356 The Rat is the concisest Tenant
1357 "Faithful to the end" Amended... (two versions)
1358 The Treason of an accent (two versions)
1359 The long sigh of the Frog
1363 Summer laid her simple Hat
1364 How know it from a Summer's Day?
1365 Take all away
1367 "Tomorrow" — whose location...
1368 Love's stricken "why"...
1372 The Sun is one — and on the Tare
1373 The worthlessness of Earthly things
1379 His Mansion in the Pool
1380 How much the present moment means
1381 I suppose the time will come
1382 In many and reportless places
1383 Long Years apart — can make no
1385 "Secrets" is a daily word
1387 The Butterfly's Numidian Gown
1389 Touch lightly Nature's sweet Guitar
1391 They might not need me but; they might
1397 It sounded as if the Streets were running
1399 Perhaps they do not go so far
14 One Sister have I in our house
1403 My Maker — let me be
1405 Bees are Black, with Gilt Surcingles
1406 No Passenger was known to flee
1419 It was a quiet seeming Day
1420 One Joy of so much anguish
1422 Summer has two Beginnings
1423 The fairest Home I ever knew
1430 Who never wanted — maddest Joy
1437 A Dew sufficed itself
1445 Death is the supple Suitor
1446 His Mind like Fabrics of the East
1447 How good his Lava Bed
1448 How soft a Caterpillar steps
1449 I thought the Train would never come
1450 Whoever disenchants
1452 Your thoughts don't have words every day
1456 So gay a Flower
1461 "Heavenly Father" — take to thee
1462 We knew not that we were to live
1465 Before you thought of Spring
1467 A little overflowing word
1469 If wrecked upon the Shoal of Thought
1470 The Sweets of Pillage, can be known
1475 Fame is the one that does not stay
1477 How destitute is he
1478 Look back on Time, with kindly eyes -
1481 The way Hope builds his House
1483 The Robin is a Gabriel
1508 You cannot make remembrance grow
1544 (2) Who has not found the Heaven — below —
1544 Who has not found the Heaven — below —
1587 He ate and drank the precious Words
1599 Though the great Waters sleep
16 I would distil a cup
1601. Of God we ask one favor.
1605. Each that we lose takes part of us.
1619 Not knowing when the Dawn will come
1652 Advance is Life's condition.
1654. Beauty crowds me till I die.
1675 Of this is Day composed
170 Portraits are to daily faces
1700 To tell the Beauty would decrease
1701 To their apartment deep
1708 Witchcraft has not a Pedigree
1709 With sweetness unabated
1717 Did life's penurious length
172 'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy!
172 'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy! (Alternative version)
1720 Had I known that the first was the last
1722 Her face was in a bed of hair
1723 High from the earth I heard a bird
1725 I took one Draught of Life
1727 If ever the lid gets off my head
1730 "Lethe" in my flower
1734 Oh, honey of an hour
1735 One crown that no one seeks
1741 That it will never come again
1746 The most important population
1758 Where every bird is bold to go
1761 A train went through a burial gate
1762 Were natural mortal lady
1763 Fame is a bee
1764 The saddest noise, the sweetest noise
1765 That Love is all there is
182 If I should n't be alive
194 On this long storm the rainbow rose
199 I'm "wife" – I've finished that
204 A slash of Blue
214 I taste a liquor never brewed
230 We — Bee and I — live by the quaffing
239 "Heaven"—is what I cannot reach!
243 I've known a Heaven, like a Tent
301 I reason, Earth is short
318 I'll tell you how the Sun rose
319 The nearest Dream recedes — unrealized
32 When Roses cease to bloom, Sir
335 'Tis not that Dying hurts us so
347 When Night is almost done
365. I know that He exists
376 Of Course—I prayed
377 To lose one's faith — surpass
379 Rehearsal to Ourselves
380 There is a flower that Bees prefer
381 A Secret told
403 The Winters are so short
407. If What we Could - were what we would.
409 They dropped like Flakes
415. Sunset at Night is natural.
42. There is a word
440 'Tis customary as we part
444 It feels a shame to be Alive
446. He showed me Hights.
45. There's something quieter than sleep
456 So well that I can live without...
475 Doom is the House without the DoorTranslation
48 Once more, my now bewildered Dove
5 I have a Bird in spring
500 Within my Garden, rides a Bird
505 I would not paint — a picture
514 Her smile was shaped like other smiles
515 No Crowd that has occurred
516 Beauty — be not caused — It Is
52 Whether my bark went down at sea
524 Departed to the judgment
53. Taken from man.
54 - If I Should Die
540 I took my Power in my Hand
543 I fear a Man of frugal Speech
544 The Martyr Poets – did not tell
563 I could not prove the Years had feet
585 I like to see it lap the Miles
590 Did you ever stand in a Cavern's Mouth
600 It troubled me as once I was
601 A still — Volcano — Life
602 Of Brussels — it was not
603 He found my Being — set it up
605 The Spider holds a Silver Ball
606 The Trees like Tassels — hit — and swung
608 Afraid! Of whom am I afraid?
619 Glee! the great storm is over!
623 It was too late for man
624 Forever — is composed of Nows
625 'Twas a long Parting — but the time
63 If pain for peace prepares
630 The Lightning playeth — all the while
632 The Brain — is wider than the Sky
643 I could suffice for Him, I knew
644 You left me — Sire — two Legacies
653 Of Being is a Bird
654 A long — long Sleep — A famous — Sleep...
655 Without this — there is nought
656 The name — of it — is "Autumn"
662 Embarrassment of one another
664 Of all the Souls that stand create
667 Bloom upon the Mountain — stated...
669 No Romance sold unto
675 Essential Oils — are wrung
681 Soil of Flint, if steady tilled
682 'Twould ease — a Butterfly
684 Best Gains — must have the Losses' Test
685 Not "Revelation" — 'tis — that waits
687 I'll send the feather from my Hat!
69. Remorse Is Memory Awake
695. As if the Sea should part.
699 The Judge is like the Owl
705 Suspense — is Hostiler than Death
713 Fame of Myself, to justify
714 Rest at Night
720 No Prisoner be
729 Alter! When the Hills do
73 Who never lost, are unprepared
739 I many times thought Peace had come
76 Exultation is the going
761 From Blank to Blank
77 I never hear the word "Escape"
783 The Birds begun at Four o'clock
809 Unable are the Loved to die
810 Her Grace is all she has
820 All Circumstances are the Frame
821 Away from Home are some and I
826 Love reckons by itself — alone
827 The Only News I know
828 The Robin is the One
832 Soto! Explore thyself!
834 Before He comes we weigh the Time!
838 Impossibility, like Wine
839 Always Mine!
840 I cannot buy it — 'tis not sold
841 A Moth the hue of this
842 Good to hide, and hear 'em hunt!
843 I made slow Riches but my Gain
844 Spring is the Period
849 The good Will of a Flower
851 When the Astronomer stops seeking
855 To own the Art within the Soul
86 For every bird a nest
861 Split the Lark — and you'll find the Music
863 That Distance was between Us
865 He outstripped Time with but a Bout
866 Fame is the tint that Scholars leave
867 Escaping backward to perceive
868 They ask but our Delight
873 Ribbons of the Year
875 I stepped from Plank to Plank
877 Each Scar I'll keep for Him
878 The Sun is gay or stark
882 A Shade upon the mind there passes
883 The Poets light but Lamps
884 An Everywhere of Silver
885 Our little Kinsmen — after Rain
886 These tested Our Horizon
891 To my quick ear the Leaves — conferred
892 Who occupies this House?
898 How happy I was if I could forget
90 Within my reach
905 Between My Country — and the Others
909 I make His Crescent fill or lack
910 Experience is the Angled Road
912 Peace is a fiction of our Faith
914 I cannot be ashamed
917 Love - is anterior to Life
920 We can but follow to the Sun
921 If it had no pencil
931 Noon — is the Hinge of Day
932 My best Acquaintances are those
938 Fairer through Fading — as the Day
947 Of Tolling Bell I ask the cause?
949 Under the Light, yet under
950 The Sunset stopped on Cottages
951 As Frost is best conceived
952 A Man may make a Remark
954 The Chemical conviction
955 The Hollows round His eager Eyes
958 We met as Sparks — Diverging Flints
960 As plan for Noon and plan for Night
974 The Soul's distinct connection
A Bee his burnished carriage
A Bird Came Down the Walk
A Book (1286)
A Burdock clawed my gown
A Cap of Lead across the Sky
A charm invests a face
A chilly peace infests the grass
A Clock stopped
A coffin is a small domain
A counterfeit - a plated person
A curious cloud surprised the sky
A darting fear - a pomp - a tear
A Death blow is a life blow to some
A dimple in the Tomb
A Door Just Opened
A drop fell on the apple-tree
A faded boy - in sallow clothes
A great Hope fell
A Lady red - amid the hill
A Letter is a joy of Earth
A light exists in Spring
A little snow was here and there
A long, long sleep, a famous sleep
A narrow Fellow in the Grass
A nearness to Tremendousness (963)
A Pang is more conspicuous in Spring
A poor — torn heart — a tattered heart —
A precious—mouldering pleasure
A Rat surrendered here
A sepal, petal, and a thorn
A shady friend for torrid days
A Sloop of Amber slips away
A Sparrow took a Slice of Twig
A spider sewed at night
A Toad can die of Light
A Wind That Rose
A Word Is Dead
A Wounded Deer Leaps Highest
Abraham to kill him --
Adrift (CXXIX)
After a hundred years
After great pain, a formal feeling comes
Air has no Residence, no Neighbor
All forgot for recollecting
All that I do
Ample make this Bed
An altered look about the hills
An awful Tempest mashed the air
An Hour is a Sea
And this of all my hopes
Angels, in the early morning
Answer July
As if some little Arctic flower
As imperceptibly as grief
As Summer into Autumn slips
At last -- to be identified!
At least to pray is left, is left.
At leisure is the Soul (618)
Because I could not stop for Death (479)
Because my Brook is fluent
Bee! I'm expecting you!
Before I got my eye put out - (336.)
Before the ice is in the pools
Behind me—dips Eternity—
Besides this May
Best Witchcraft is Geometry
Bind me - I still can sing -
Bring me the Sunset in a Cup
By a departing light
By Chivalries as tiny
By my Window have I for Scenery
Come slowly, Eden!
Could live -- did live --
Count not that far that can be had
Crumbling is not an instant's Act (1010)
Dear March - Come in
Delight's Despair at setting
Distance -- is not the Realm of Fox
Elysium is as far as to
Empty my heart, of thee
Estranged from Beauty - none can be -
Exhilaration is the Breeze
Expectation -- is Contentment --
F1425A - They might not need me, yet they might
Fame is a fickle food
Forbidden fruit a flavor has
Frequently, the woods are pink
From his slim Palace in the Dust
Given in marriage unto Thee
God is indeed a jealous God (1752)
Going to Heaven!
Good Morning -- Midnight --
Have you got a brook in your little heart
He scanned it - staggered
He touched me, so I live to know
Heart not so heavy as mine
Heart, we will forget him
Her breast is fit for pearls
Here, where the Daisies fit my Head
Hope is a strange invention (1392)
Hope Is the Thing With Feathers
How happy is the little stone
How the Waters closed above Him
I Bet With Every Wind That Blew
I Came to buy a smile—today
I can wade Grief
I cannot dance upon my Toes
I Cannot Live With You (640)
I cannot meet the Spring unmoved —
I could not drink it, Sweet
I Died for Beauty
I Dwell in Possibility
I Felt A Cleaving In My Mind
I felt a funeral in my brain
I felt my life with both my hands
I found the words to every thought
I gave myself to him
I Had a Daily Bliss
I had a guinea golden
I Had No Time to Hate, Because
I had some things that I called mine
I have no life but this
I Held a Jewel in My Fingers
I hide myself within my flower (903)
I hide myself within my flower (variant of 903)
I like a look of agony
I measure every Grief I meet
I never lost as much but twice
I never saw a moor
I reckon - when I count at all -
I shall keep singing!
I shall know why, when time is over
I should not dare to leave my friend
I sing to use the waiting
I started Early – Took my Dog
I think to live—May be a Bliss
I went to Heaven
I've heard an organ talk sometimes
I've seen a Dying Eye
If all the griefs I am to have
If I can stop one heart from breaking
If I Should Cease to Bring a Rose
If I'm lost -- now
If she had been the mistletoe
If this is '' fading''.
If You Were Coming In The Fall
If your Nerve, deny you (292)
In falling timbers buried
In lands I never saw -- they say
In the name of the bee
In this short Life (1287)
Indian Summer
It makes no difference abroad
It might be lonelier
It sifts from leaden sieves
It was a quiet Way –
It's All I Have To Bring Today
It's such a little thing to weep
I’m Nobody! Who Are You?
Least Bee that brew -- a Honey's Weight
Lest this be heaven Indeed.
Let down the bars, O Death!
Let my first Knowing be of thee
Let us play yesterday
Lightly stepped a yellow star
Like Brooms of Steel
Like Rain it sounded till it swelled
Love can do all but raise the Dead
Make me a Picture of the Sun
Many a phrase
March is the Month of Expectation.
Mine enemy is growing old
Morns like these - we parted -
Much Madness is divinest Sense
My first well Day -- since many ill --
My Friend Must Be a Bird
My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close (1732)
My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun
My Wheel is in the Dark
Nature rarer uses yellow
Nature, the gentlest mother
New feet within my garden go
No matter - now - Sweet -
No Rack can torture me
Nobody knows this little rose
Not with a club a heart is broken
Now I lay thee down to sleep
On this wondrous sea
One Dignity Delays for All
One need not be a Chamber — to be Haunted —
Opinion is a flitting thing (1455)
Our lives are Swiss
Over the fence
Pain - Has an element of blank
Pain — expands the Time —
Papa above! (61)
Partake as doth the Bee
Pass to thy Rendezvous of Light
Perception of an object costs
Poor little heart!
Prayer is the little implement
Presentiment -- is that long shadow -- on the Lawn
Proud of My Broken Heart
Pursuing you in your transitions
Remembrance has a Rear and Front
Safe in their Alabaster Chambers
Shall I take thee, the Poet said
She bore it till the simple veins
She dealt her pretty words like Blades (F458 / J479)
She died, - this was the way she died
She sights a Bird—she chuckles
She slept beneath a tree
Silence is all we dread
Sleep is supposed to be
So bashful when I spied her
So has a Daisy vanished
So set its Sun in Thee
So the Eyes accost – and sunder
Softened by Time’s consummate plush
Some Rainbow — coming from the Fair! (64)
Some say goodnight — at night —
Some Things That Fly There Be
Soul, wilt thou toss again?
Spring comes on the World
Summer for thee
Surgeons Must Be Very Careful
Teach Him – When He makes the names –
Tell all the Truth but tell it slant (1129)
That I did always love
The Auctioneer of Parting
The Bee
The Bee is not afraid of me
The bumble of a bee
The Bustle in a House
The butterfly obtains
The Crickets sang
The Daisy follows soft the Sun
The Days that we can spare (1184)
The face I carry with me
The first We knew of Him was Death (1006)
The Going From a World we Know (1603)
The Grass so Little has to Do
The grave my little cottage is
The hallowing of Pain
The heart asks for pleasure—first—
The Inundation of the Spring
The Mind lives on the Heart
The missing all— prevented me
The Mountain sat upon the Plain
The Mystery of Pain
The Overtakelessness of Those (1691)
The Pedigree of Honey
The Road was lit with Moon and star—
The Rose did caper on her cheek
The Savior must have been
The sky is low, the clouds are mean
The Soul has Bandaged Moments
The Soul selects her own Society
The Soul Unto Itself
The Storm
The Sun kept setting
The Sun went down - no Man looked on -
The things that never can come back, are several—
The wind tapped like a tired man
The Wind took up the Northern Things
The Work Of Her That Went
The world feels dusty
There is a morn by men unseen
There is another sky
There is no Silence in the Earth
There's a certain Slant of light
These Fevered Days - to take them to the Forest
They called me to the Window, for
They say that ”Time assuages”—
They shut me up in Prose
This is My Letter to the World
This quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies
This World is not Conclusion
Those - dying then
Those final Creatures, -- who they are --
Tie the Strings to my Life, My Lord
To die - takes just a little while
To him who keeps an Orchis' heart
To lose thee
To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee
To mend each tattered Faith
To venerate the simple days
To wait an Hour - is long
Too few the mornings be
Too happy Time dissolves itself
Two butterflies went out at noon
Unto a broken heart
Upon the gallows hung a wretch
Victory comes late
We dream - it is good we are dreaming
We grow accustomed to the Dark
We like March
We lose because we win
We Never Know How High We Are
We outgrow love like other things
We play at Paste (320)
We pray -- to Heaven --
We talked as Girls do
What if I say I shall not wait
What Inn is this
What is -- "Paradise"
When a Lover is a Beggar
When they come back - if Blossoms do -
White as an Indian pipe
Who robbed the woods
Why do I love You, Sir? (480)
Why-do they shut me out of heaven?
Wild Nights (249)
Will there really be a "Morning"? (101)
With a Flower
You ask of my companions
You cannot put a Fire out
You've seen balloons set, haven't you?
’T is an honorable thought
“Faith” is a fine invention (202)
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