En cualquier idioma (English translation)

English translation

In Any Language

When you leave
you go in silence
I don't want apologies
nor do I want words
forced from you
With a single hit
destroy my soul
Well at least
it will be a slow
death for me
(Chorus x2)
If you turn your back on me
let it be forever
And even though you torment from
the regrets
Never come back
I do not stop you
You know what you're doing
But do not blame me
if from today onwards
they treat you very bad
I know that you can't
look at me in front
Because I'm sure
as you look at my eyes
you'll find anger
That's what you try
do to my life
In any language
and on any terrain
Its called betrayal
(Repeat Chorus)
Submitted by Nandez on Thu, 19/04/2018 - 02:53

En cualquier idioma

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