Pabellón Psiquiátrico - En el cielo no hay alcohol (English translation)

English translation

In heaven there's no alcohol

Yesterday I had a heart attack
And you'll say, what am I doing here
They buried me, people cried for me (too bad!)
And they left me in a grey cementery
After that, I felt myself flying
I had an awesome, phenomenal time.
I've seen God, he said what's up?
And he wanted to introduce me all the gang
But in heaven there's no alcohol
Nor women nor color pills
I wondered, how could they bear
Without fucking the whole eternity
I saw an angel, I asked for a bar
He said that I could forget about that
Because in heaven there's no alcohol
Nor women nor color pills
I packed my bag and I left there
Here I am now with my grey zombie face
I'd rather stay here below like a ghost (boooo)
Than getting bored there more than a bore
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En el cielo no hay alcohol

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