Almafuerte - En este viaje (English translation)

English translation

In this journey

Of the worst I went through
I made song, because I sing what I feel
Violently to the other side, my love was gone
Without a goodbye, without a see you later
I wasn't there to help it, maybe
The unavoidable doesn't answer to the vade retro.
People use to be wrong here.
And people see truth in the non truth.
A big reason helps me in this journey.
Two flowers of your love. Reason, cause and effect.
The gossiping witch and the unfaithful friendship
Don't take care your flowers. Because I care of them well.
The first one is debating
And the small cocoon is opening to the broad sky.
And I won't deny, I achieved a new love.
Because I still in live remembering the best of you.
Love is the responsable
The only guide of the imperfect spirit
Love is the responsable, I think
Is the truth, the sense, the our father.
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En este viaje

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