Kolmas Nainen - En oo kuullut mitään (English translation)

English translation

Ain’t Heard Nothing

Verses 1A, 2B and 3A:
Last night at the neighbor’s place1
his wife got beaten up.
Dear wifey got it so bad
she barely stayed alive.
As restless as our sleep was
on the other side of wall
we didn’t hear a thing,
ain’t heard single thing.
Their daughter, in her night gown,
had sneaked down the hall stairwell.
In the bomb shelter2 she hid,
seeking shelter from her Dad.
(I ain’t heard nothing)
I have not heard a thing
(if they ask me about it)
I’m not the one to meddle in
other folks’ affairs.
(I ain’t heard nothing)
I have not heard a thing
(if they ask me about it)
I guess it’s everyone
for themselves in this world.
Verses 4A and 5B:
Bearing bloodshot eyes
I went to work as usual:
employed for the moment
with those governmental funds.
We alphabetize things,
that’s about what the job entails,
and everyone is so jealously
clinging to their posts.
(Guitar solo)
(Chorus × 2)
(I ain’t heard nothing
if they ask me about it)
(× 3)
(Fade out)
  • 1. Apparently the neighbor lives in the next-door apartment in an apartment building.
  • 2. Finnish apartment buildings exceeding certain total floor area (1200 m² at the present) are required by law to feature an air-raid / gas / fallout shelter in the basement. During peacetime, the shelter typically doubles as common storage space for the residents.
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Author's comments:

Tried to make it possible to actually sing this to the tune, so some artistic license was taken with some turns of phrases. It’s pretty darn close to a literal translation, though, so you’re not really missing out on any subtleties of the original... I think.


En oo kuullut mitään