Kiko Veneno - En un mercedes blanco (English translation)

English translation

In a white Mercedes

In a white Mercedes he came
To the livestock fair
Ten duros 1 of aluminium paper
And the sky enlightened
He comes from very far and now
He doesn't even have memory
He says with an elf he traded it
For a while of glory
In a white Mercedes he came
With a polka-dot kerchief
All the little boys behind him
He's always looking to the floor
What a pity boy!
People say at the bars
When they play with the slots
And pick what comes out
Three kings go in a boat
Are three kings and a secret
No ruins nor ashes
nor paper taken by the wind
Play, play the tape again
Play it till it breaks
The iron and chrome pieces
Sing like you do
  • 1. 50 pesetas
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En un mercedes blanco

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