Marteria - Endboss (English translation)

English translation

Final Boss

Console on, the game is ready to start
Thick red cheeks what a cute child
I am still attached closely to the navel of time
The perfect child that is always sleeping, never bawling
I need more milk Mum, gimme some mo
Begin to talk my first word is yo
Raised in the GDR
Break down the walls with my transmforma
I’ma kid who hardly sees his father
Quite smart with a weakness for maths
Will Hansa Rostock* accept me?
2 days later I’m the team captain already
Like everything my brother does
Hate everything my sister does
Pause pressed quickly and prepared something to eat
Then finished the next level easily
I jump from level to level until the final boss comes
I’m not getting along with all the birds
I don’t go to the training anymore I’m not getting along with the birds
I’ve got a bad report I’m not getting along with the birds
I’m in love but my very best friend hooks her up
She calls me secretly
Asks whether she can drop in
My first time is going to happen in a little while
The doorbell rings and she’s brought her friend
I split and go to Manhattan when I’m 18
Just wanna party and jump off the roof when I’m on tablets
Think I’m a star everything is about me
Hang out at the bar and everything is rotating around me
Come back and move to Berlin
What do you do without A-Levels? You study drama
Nearly choked on the filth of this city
But the mission is fulfilled, the level is done
I jump from level to level until the final boss comes
Everything is perfect in the future
But I spent nearly all my lives
Nothing worked neither rapping nor athlete
Well, at least I’ve got a flying Nova
I’m the last lemming that didn’t fall
That is sitting at the pond with 5 slices of bread
Feeding robot ducks, I’m an old man
And suddenly he stands there
Takes a seat beside me at the bar at 2 o’clock in the night
There’s no chance to him
The game is over the last drink is for free
“But there’s a trick I’m gonna tell it to you
Become a Buddhist then you can restart it”
I jump from level to level until the final boss comes
Submitted by Ginada on Sun, 05/12/2010 - 23:41
Author's comments:

*Hansa Rostock is football club based in Rostock (obviously Wink smile ), Marteria's hometown (see

Not a good translation yet, but I just love this song. Any corrections and suggestions are welcome!

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Guest    Tue, 07/06/2011 - 21:21

Some comments. raised in the DDR.... a kid who hardly sees his father..... with a weakness for Maths....mission accomplished, level complete