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Baghon mein (English) (English translation)

  • Artist: Arooj Aftab
  • Song: Baghon mein (English)

Baghon mein

Baghon mein pade jhoole
Tum bhool gaye hum ko
Hum tumko nahi bhoole
Tum bhool gaye hum ko
Dil bey tamana hai
Dar hai keh kaheen hum tum
Badnaam na ho jaein
Dar hai keh kaheen hum tum
Baghon main pade...
Submitted by aakarshaakarsh on 2022-08-31
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Bhaghon mein

swings left about in gardens,
you have forgotten me,
I have not forgotten you,
You have forgotten me,
there is a hope in my heart,
there is a fear, you and I,
may become shamed,
Fear is that you and I,
...swings left about in gardens,
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Submitted by aakarshaakarsh on 2022-09-30
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