انت كل شي (Enta Kolshay) (English translation)


انت كل شي

كل شي أحبه موت فيك إلآ هالشي
إني أدوّر شي ما أحبّه و أعجز
حتى السما قِدّام حبي لك شْوي
شفت اشكثر أهواك وأتباهى وأعتز
كل لحظة وانتَ لْعيني الشوف والضي
وكل نبظة وانت الحب والطيبة والعز
وإنتَ سماي وعالمي وشمسي والفَي
وإنت اللي ضيقة باله بصدري اتحز
لي عين ما يملاها غيرك بشر حي
ولي روحٍ إتفز إن طرو حضرتك فز
لك قدر ما يعلم به إلا الوِلي الحي
تهتز هالدنيا و قَدرِك مَا يهتز
أهواك..أحبك كنت..والمرحلة ذي
عدّاها قلبي وْباختصارٍ وموجز
إنته أنا حرفياً..وْ إنتَ كل شي
وإن قلت أبوصِف حبي والله أعجز
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You are Everything

I love everything in you so much apart from this one thing,
and it's when I look for something I don't love in you but I don't find it
even the sky is small in front of my love for you
do you see how much I love you and how much I show off and cherish because of your love?
in every moment, you are the sight and the light of my eyes
and in every beat, you are the love, the kindness and the almighty
and you are my sky, my world, my sun and my shade
and you are the one who his hardship hurt in my chest
I have an eye that no other living human apart from you fills it
and I have a soul that gets scared if you got scared
you have a value that only God knows about
the world shakes and your value doesn't shake
I adore you, I love you, and my heart..
has passed this phase and long story short..
you are me literally.. and you are everything
and if I said I will describe my love, I swear I'll fail to do that
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