Enter Shikari - Antwerpen



Now, I was feeling like a total giant
But now, it feels like Silvius Brabo has sliced my hand off
And thrown it in the river
Now, I was just doing my job
My feet sink into the bed of the Scheldt
But now, my fingers are reeling about with the fishes
I know I'm not making any sense
(No, you're not)
All will be revealed
(Well, I hope so)
All will be revealed if we travel
Back in time
I've got to rest, it's for the best
To build a nest, to take the quest
To be given just one chance to be the best
Go forth and recolonize
It appears the foundations
Of all our great nations
Are lies and indoctrinations
So if Silvius Brabo collects the hands of giants...
Will you join him?
Submitted by crimson_antics on Thu, 30/01/2014 - 02:14


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