João Seilá - Epifania (English translation)

English translation


Today I bring you to the movies
to watch the movie Real Life,
in which you're the first in line1
and I the leading man.
Now, that I've got you right here
even without you wanting it, you still got me here.
I shall hold you while I am still strong,
I shall hold you till the end.
Refrain (2x)
If you wake up in another place,
if you run away from here
or if you go to the Moon,
I will go after you.
I don't care about2 dictated rules
or such unreasonable poets.
Because Science doesn't come into play
when who plays is our heart.
Today, I swear by the flag
and by the club down there, on the Earth,
that I will plan an entire life (for us both)
even if going to War is what it takes.
Refrain (2x)
If one day the world is over
and the soul is perpetuated
You'll just have to know who I am
to feel where I am.
  • 1. I suppose he made a joke that he will be the guy who will be acting, while she will just sit in the first line and watch him.
  • 2. Give a damn.
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