Nadau - Era sauta de Banassa (English translation)


Era sauta de Banassa

Tath ser qu’ei eth depart tà auta montanhada,
Las oelhas e eths pastors son contents de pujar,
Que saben dinc ath som i a tarribla camada,
Mes qui pòt arrestar l’ahida deth bestiar ?
De matin que seram aciu en som d’Aubisa,
Que tornaram trobar la maison d’Augustà,
Qu’ei plan bona maison, brembatz ve que’u ve disi,
Tostemps plan recebuts, qu’èm contents de tornar.
En som d’aqueth hamèu, non i a que brave monde,
Sèi pas si coneishetz la charmanta Marí,
Aquiu tà estar plan vist, cau pas aver vergonha,
Jamès non partiràs shens un veire de vin.
E drin mei endavant, la capana de Pièrra,
Juste abans de traucar eth pont de Barralèt,
I a oelhas en corrau, qu’i deu estar enquèra,
Hè’nse drin endavant, i aurà cafè de hèit.
Si voletz tot saber, uei qu’ei sauta Banassa,
Montanha de Bedós, bèth drin beròi endret,
Esconuda ath bèth som de la valea d’Aspa,
Dus gigants que la guardan, l’Auda e eth Soperet.
Dus grans gigans de pèira, tots abilhats de roi,
Qui de tostemps s’espian com un par d’amorós
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English translation

The Falls of Banassa

Tonight is the departure for another pasture in the mountains,
The sheep and the shepherds are happy to climb,
They know that to the summit it’s a terrible pace,
But who can stop the desire of beasts?
In the morning we’ll be there at the summit of Aubisa
Where we’ll come to find the house of Augusta again
It’s a wonderful house, remember what I’m telling you
Each time well-met, we’re happy to return.
At the top of the village, there are only great people,
I don’t know if you know the charming Marie,
Here is where one is well seen, no need for shame,
You’ll never leave without a glass of wine.
And a bit farther, the cabin of Pierre,
Just before crossing the bridge of Barralèt,
There are sheep in the corral, he must be there still,
Let’s go on then, there will be freshly brewed coffee.
If you want to know everything, today we’re in Banassa Falls,
Mountain of Bedos, a very beautiful spot,
Hidden in the tops of the Valley of Aspa,
Two giants guard it, the Auda and the Soperet.
Two great giants of stone, all dressed in red,
That forever have looked like a couple of lovers
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