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Eres (English translation)

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You Are

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You are
Who1 I love most in this world, that's who you are
My deepest thought, that's also who you are
Just tell me what to do, here I am for you
You are
The first one upon waking up, that's who you are
Who I need in my life if you aren't coming
The only one, gorgeous, that's on my mind today
What else can I tell you?
I may lie to you for no reason
But what I feel today
Is that I'm dead without you 'cause you are
Who I love most in this world, that's who you are
You are
My shared time, that's who you are
What people promise when they love each other
My salvation, my hopes and my faith
I am
The one that loves you like no other
The one that would support you day by day, day by day
The one that would die for you, that's who I am
Here I am by your side
And I'm sitting here waiting 'til the end
You haven't even imagined
How long I've been waiting for you 'cause you are
Who I love in this world, that's who you are
Every minute I think about, that's who you are
Who I treasure most in this world, that's who you are
  • 1. Literally "What I love most in this world". However, the singer is addressing the love of his life so I changed pronouns for my translation to sound more natural in English.
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