to err is human

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to err is human (English) — We, as humans, are not perfect, so we are susceptible to make mistakes, that's normal.

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to forgive divine - Ww Ww 1 year ago

to err is human — Erehtyminen on inhimillistä

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Translations of "to err is human"

Bulgarianчовешко е да се греши
CzechI mistr tesař se někdy utne
DanishEn hest snubler, og har dog fire ben.
DutchVergissen is menselijk
Filipino/TagalogLahat tayo ay nagkakamali
FinnishKaikki tekevät virheitä
FrenchL'erreur est humaine
GermanAuch der beste Gaul stolpert manchmal
GermanIrren ist menschlich
GermanJeder macht Fehler.
Greekουδείς αναμάρτητος
Greek (classical)Ουδείς τέλειος
Greek (classical)Το σφάλλειν ανθρώπινον
HungarianMindenki követ el hibákat.
ItalianErrare è umano
Japanese猿も木から落ちる Saru-mo Ki-kara Och-iru
Latinerrare humanum est
PortugueseErrar é humano.
RomanianA greși este omenesc(firesc).
RussianЧеловеку свойственно ошибаться
RussianНа всякого мудреца довольно простоты
RussianИ на старуху бывает проруха
SerbianGrešiti je ljudski
SlovakMýliť sa je ľudské
SloveneMotiti se je človeško
SpanishErrar es humano
SpanishQuien tiene boca se equivoca.
Turkishhata yapmak insana mahsustur
Turkishhatasiz kul olmaz
Ukrainianкожний мудрий свого дурня знайде

"to err is human" in lyrics

I fear the special troops, the B52's
Regretting what I've done, I think I could have done better.

But to err is human, I admit I've made mistakes
Holding your positions is like standing a rain of terror
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

MC Solaar - Life Is Beautiful

It's easy to count the mistakes
When one is not playing in the scene.

To err is human. Let's laid-back.
Cold blood in the veins, let's laid-back.
More shock to the system.

Zazie - Zen

Do not tell me anything, do not stain your name,
tomorrow it is life, yesterday already passed.
If to err is human, said the poet,
to forgive is divine and that is my reason.
She is a handful, my belief and my faith.

Hector Varela - Don't talk to me about her

To err is human, but the human ?
To err is human, but the human ?
To err is human, but the human ?
To err is human.

He said I've got seven or eight tongues in my mouth

Zebda - To err is human

The end will be Dantesque,
We haven't learned anything from the mistakes of the past,
While believing that to err is human,
Each day we've poisoned ourselves a little more,
Blood and tears,

Aqme - The end of times

Because we inherit a cosmic inheritance

Errare humanum est (Latin: To err is human)
Errare humanum est (Latin: To err is human)
Not even gods
Not even astronauts

Jorge Ben - Errare humanum est (Latin: To err is human)

B is for
BEING white, the mulungo, boss, God of the Africans
Who is always right, because to err is human
He's got Jesus' hair and the dollar bill's face
He's always on the other side of the begging black hand

Azagaia - The ABC of Prejudice