Es waren zwei Königskinder (English translation)

English translation

There once where two royal children

1. There once where two royal children
Whose love was like none ever seen
But they couldn't come together
There was two much water between.
2. She said: "My love could you handle
To swim over here to my side
I'm going to put on a candle
So you can follow its light."
3. That overheard a false norne
Who, whilst listening, pretended to sleep
And than she put out the candle
The young man drowned so deep.
4. It was on a Sunday morning
All hearts were filled with joy
All but that of the princess
Who missed her beloved boy
5. "Oh mother, my dearest mother
My head is heavy with pain
I'll go for a walk to the lake
My poor hearts peace to gain."
6. The mother went to the church
The daughter walked on straight
Until she found the fisher
At the shoreline of the lake.
7. "Oh listen my good fisher
If it's great wealth that you seek
Bring me my lovely prince
From the waters so dark and deep."
8. So he threw his net in the water
Deep down 'til he reached the ground
And kept on fishing until
The Kings dead son was found.
9. It took him a very long time
Until he found the dead
"Now look, you lovely maiden
There you have your royal lad."
10.She kissed his pale dead mouth
And embraced him so tenderly
"Oh, if only you could speak
My young heart would be free."
11. She leaped into the lake
To leave the world of men
"Farewell my father and mother
For we'll never meet again."
12. The bells of the church were ringing
And many tears were shed
There lay two royal children
And both of them were dead.
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Author's comments:

My own translation Regular smile I'm not an english native speaker, in fact I'm german so my apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes or unconventional wording Regular smile

A norne ist a mythical water creature, for all who wondered Wink smile

Please mind that it's not a literal translation, there might be slight differences from the german text.


Es waren zwei Königskinder

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