Espelho Quebrado (English translation)

  • Artist: Carminho
  • Also performed by: Amália Rodrigues
  • Song: Espelho Quebrado 4 translations
  • Translations: English, French, Italian, Spanish
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Broken Mirror

With his whip, the wind
Shatters the mirror of the lake.
In me more violent was
The damage
Because the wind in passing
Whispered your name
Once murmured,
Left me.
So rapidly it passed
Not knowing how to destroy me
In the heartbreak in which I am
So fixed.
But its passage
In glass cut from
The lake in my image
Enthralls me.
The crystal liquid
Of my eyes without you,
In vain a gale,
I asked,
In order to break
The mirror, cause of my lament,
And I remained with a face
In order to break
The mirror, cause of my lament,
Within me was more violent
The wind.
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Espelho Quebrado

Translations of "Espelho Quebrado"
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I have some queries about the phrasing of this fado so the layout of the lyrics may change.

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