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Hope of Mine

Waking up every morning
The sun begins to shine
My life is part of a dream
Knowing I'll reach you
Finding the sun in your eyes
In your smile, my peace
I'll be bold to be free
I'll scream it into the winds
I can feel your love today
My life changes colors
My hope is increasing 'cause
I can feel your love today
Light is all around, everywhere
When you're here, hope of mine (1)
I know everything is possible
You're lighting up my faith
You manifest the unseen
There's something blooming in me
Spreading my wings fearlessly
Feeling I can believe
I can be whomever I want
This time I'll fly
Everything shines bright when you're here
Today I can light myself up
You're my world, my soothe and my peace
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh oh oh oh, hope of mine

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Author's comments:

(1) "Esperanza mía" is a wordplay since the main character in this TV series is called "Esperanza", which literally means hope.


Esperanza mia

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