Fagner - Espumas ao Vento (English translation)

English translation

Foam in the wind

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I know, inside you there's still something about me
A great love doesn't end this way
Like foam in the wind
It's not a thing that lasts a moment, or like anger that easily passes
Or a mania that comes and goes like a game
Love leaves traces, that can't be erased
I know I made mistakes, I'm here to ask pardon
With my head crazy and the heart in my hands
and my desire burning up inside
Not knowing the right moment,
Not knowing what to do
I can't find a single word to say
Ah, If I were you
You should come back to me, again
And be sure of one thing, my love
The door will always be open, my love
My eyes will make party, my love
in the moment you return
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