Elis Regina - Essa Mulher (English translation)

English translation

This Woman

Early in the morning, this lady resigns herself
She sets the table and dusts off
She washes the clothes and wipes her eyes dry
Oh, how can't this dame forget
About asking1 for women
For her children, for food
Then she smiles, kind of embarrassed
And hugs that man, that world
That makes her happy
In the afternoon, this girl loves herself
She gets embellished, puts some make-up on
She knows everything, no problem in that
Ah, how beautiful is this thing
It all feels too good
To be a singer, to be an artist
And she cries of so much pleasure and agony
That someday, any day
She decides to be happy
In the dawn
This woman causes so much chaos
She undresses, makes her made
Turns the table, drinks everything in the bar
Ah, how can this crazy girl forget
About how many men go crazy
For her mouth, here
Then, it looks like she thinks it's funny
And is thankful to destiny for all
That makes her unhappy
This girl, this woman, this lady
Into whom I run every time
In a random mirror
She's made of shadows and too much light
Of so much mud and burdens
That she thinks everything is natural
  • 1. As in a prayer
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Essa Mulher

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