Yılmaz Erdoğan - Etme (English translation)

English translation

Don't do | by Mevlana Rumi

I heard that you intend to leave 'us', don't do!
You're tending to another beloved one, another friend; don't do!
Oh my moon! the universe has become a debris, a ruin because of your love
You're making 'us' a debris, such ruin.. don't do!
Oh you! who has a thron beyond existence and absence..
You are leaving the ground of existence, don't do!
If you forsake, the moon turns into dark in sorrows
You intend also to ruin the moons world, don't do!
It doesn't harm 'us' even if you put poison in candy bowl
You turn poison into candy; and candy into poison.. don't do!
My eyes which contaminated to sins, is thief of your beauty
Oh you! the one who worths even to steal for, you are stealing.. don't do!
If you don't have strenght to handle beloved ones..
.so why are you astonished for love? Don't do!
Uprise my dear! time for empty words has been passed
So why are you passing out with drunkness of love? Don't do!
Submitted by shinamira on Mon, 11/06/2012 - 08:19
Author's comments:

Çevirinin zayıf olduğunun farkındayım.. ama hiç yapılmamasından iyidir diye düşündüm. Düzenlemek ya da -daha iyisi- tamamını çevirmek isteyen olursa sevinirim.

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