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I Deserve It

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It was just one night, nothing else
It was supposed to be just one sex more
But it wasn't the way I thought
Suddenly a wine, a good climate
A touch of affection, that sound
Without realizing it, I slowly surrendered myself
It was a case of old desire
I don't know what happened to me
I've never had sex with nobody this way
But I slept after love
And when the morning woke me up
I was without her and without myself
What can we do
When the passion suddenly comes?
Just like a lightning, it steals the peace
And invades our heart
And from night to day
A feeling for someone
What can we do
When the night was nice?
You made it and it happened
With a wonderful woman
But you wake up in the silence
Of a bedroom with no one
Yeah, what was heaven became hell
I'm at a motel bedroom
Without name, without address
Yeah, why did I give myself this way
It serves me right
Do it again, I deserve it
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Eu Mereço

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