Harry Styles - Ever Since New York (Spanish translation)

Spanish translation

Desde que Nueva York

[Verso 1]
Dime algo, dime algo
No sabes nada, solamente finges
Necesito algo, entonces dime algo nuevo
Elige tus palabras, porque no hay antídoto
de esta maladición o lo que se espera
Tengo que abandonarte antes de que te vayas
Oh, dime algo que yo no sepa
Oh, dime algo que yo no sepa
[Verso 2]
Brooklyn me vio, avenidas vacias
No hay agua en este piscina
Casi termina, ya es suficiente de ti
He estado rezando, nunce lo hice antes
Entiende que hablo con las paredes
Y he estado rezando desde que Nueva York
Oh, dime algo que yo no sepa
Oh, dime algo que yo no sepa
Oh, dime algo que yo no sepa
Oh, dime algo que yo no sepa
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Ever Since New York

Guest    Tue, 18/04/2017 - 14:45

Hi! Your translation is very good.
Here are some suggestions you may find useful to make it better.

Grammatically, "Desde Nueva York" is correct, but primarily "desde" means from (a location) and "desde que + _______" refers to time. So clarifying with que + any indication of the event or times referred to by the song is what I'd suggest.

"Oh dime algo ya no sé" means "Oh, tell me something. I don't know anymore."

"Dime algo que yo no sepa" means "Tell me something I don't know [the "already" is either the same ya , or you can omit it, and leave it implied]."

I'd voted five stars on it, but I hadn't looked closer at the ending paragraph, so I had to delete the vote. It's better if I just explain why. Regular smile

Karolina9    Thu, 20/04/2017 - 20:53

I'll update it thank you Regular smile

Guest    Thu, 20/04/2017 - 21:36

You're most welcome Regular smile