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Född fri (English translation)

  • Artist: Björn Afzelius
  • Song: Född fri Album: Tankar vid 50 (1997)
  • Translations: English, Finnish
English translationEnglish

Born Free

I found the bird by the well on the yard
A roaring winters evening
It laid there on the ground with broken wings
and eyes glazed with fear
I closed my hands gently around its body
and bought it into my house
It ate and drank and it slept all night
in front of the fire place until the flame burned out
At dawn I was awoken by the bird climbing up onto my chest
It sat there and sang the most delightful tones
with its clean and crystal clear voice
and the tones filled my desolate house
to the most distant nooks and crannies
The song made me happy and my mind was bright
because I knew that we were two
I brought my bird a golden cage
and sat it in the middle of my table
It was there when I wrote, it was there when I ate
and it was also there when I slept
I talked to the bird, I played for the bird
and it became like a dear old friend
and in my moments of sadness and despair
it sang me to happiness again
With the bird in the house my loneliness was over
and soon I felt full of life again
So I threw a party and I offered a dance
and friends filled my home
we sat up all night and talked about memories
sometimes until it was light
and the bird sat with us, however late it was
until it fell asleep in its cage
The months came and went
and soon the summer had blitzed the winter
and the bird became quieter with every day
until it finally lost its voice
It sat in its cage and looked out of the window
towards a sky so leaden and grey
and in october I understood at last
How it sat there and looked
towards the sky you could see them fly in part
on the way to his real home
They went on instinct, they followed those laws
Nature so wisely have decided
I looked at my bird, who sat there on the table
So restricted, sad and quiet
So I opened the window and I opened the cage
and I saw how my bird flew out
Spring is drawing in, soon the trees will start budding
Now the darkness and coldness is gone
I walk around my garden and look towards the sky
because I know they will soon come here
and I think just one of them is going to do an extra sweep over my home
If only to show their appreciation to live in freedom again
Well, I think just one of them is going to do an extra sweep over my home
If only to show their appreciation to live in freedom again
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Född fri

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