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    Fager som en ros → English translation

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Fager som en ros

Flickan står på golvet fager som en ros
Denna vackra gossen vill hon sova hos
Flickan sa till gossen, vill du bli min vän?
Ja, gärna om det vore uti denna kväll
Vill du bli min vän, så räck mig hit din hand
Och håller du mig kär så tar du mig i famn
Mitt uppå golvet bäddas upp en säng
Där jag skulle vila med min lilla vän

Fair as a Rose

The girl is standing on the floor fair as a rose,
she would like to sleep with this beautiful boy.
The girl said to the boy, will you be my friend?
Yes, gladly, if it is for tonight.
If you will be my friend, then give me you hand,
and if you are in love with me, then you embrace me.
A bed was made in the middle of the floor,
where I would rest with my little friend.
TrampGuyTrampGuy    Fri, 04/10/2013 - 23:06

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as good in English, but I guess there's nothing you could do about it :)