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رح تحكي قصة ضيعة (Ra7 Te7ki 2ossa Day3a) lyrics

  • Artist: Fairuz (فيروز‎‎‎, Fairouz, Feyrouz ,
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    Fayrouz, نهاد وديع حداد‎
  • Album: بياع الخواتم (The Ring Seller)

رح تحكي قصة ضيعة

رح تحكي قصة ضيعة
لا القصة صحيحة ولا الضيعة موجودة
بس بليلة هو وضجران
خرتش إنسان ع ورقة صارت القصة وعمرت الضيعة…
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Submitted by KitKat1KitKat1 on Fri, 22/07/2022 - 23:53
Submitter's comments:

The opening scene of the musical play “The Ring Seller” by the Rahbani Brothers.
It continues with the song “Ya Mokhtar” which is sung by Nasri Shamseddine:

The whole first scene including this song and the two songs that follow can be seen in this clip (with large English subtitles):


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