Falla Fritt (English translation)

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Fall freely

What do you want to say when everything has been said
what do you want to feel when someone has taken your power
you want me to sing
but only if it's about something worthy
but if I'm going to sing
then there should be time to sing freely
Who do you want to play when you've laid all your cards
how do you want to live when time's passing to fast
you want me to feel something
for something that never felt like mine
but if I'm going to feel anything at all
then there shoul be time to feel freely
How would you know when no one has taught you how
how would you dare to take a chance
you never had any luck before
you want me to love
with someone who only loves himself
but if I'm going to love
then there should be time to love freely
What should I write about to make you concerned
how loud should I scream
every time I want to be heard
you want me to fall
against something you've made yours
but if I'm going to fall
then there should be time to fall freely
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Falla Fritt

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