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Fandango du Pays Basque (English translation)

Proofreading requested
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Basque Fandango

Basque1 Fandango,
A simple and whimsical fandango
A girl never says no
to dancing in the arms of a boy!
The whole village is partying
And everyone is a poet,
Tonight everyone thinks only about love
The mountain is flirting with the river Adour 2
Fandango... Fandango
That gives rhythm to the cheers
The echo repeats
from Sare to Bilbao
It's the song of the birds
It's the song of the streams
It's the song of love
Basque Fandango
A simple and whimsical fandango
It's thanks to you that we splash out on
The best things in life
And how many marriages
Have been seen in the village,
Under your joyful and vibrant accents
And your rhythm which runs in our blood
  • 1. the Basque country is an area in the western Pyrenees that spans the border between France and Spain on the Atlantic coast.
  • 2. the Adour is a river which flows through the Basque country
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Submitted by Alex_1234Alex_1234 on Sun, 10/03/2013 - 13:43
Added in reply to request by Valeriu RautValeriu Raut
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Fandango du Pays Basque

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English Alex_1234
Luis Mariano: Top 3
Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    Sun, 10/03/2013 - 14:10

Thank you Alex, it is very well done.
Please try to improve the translation of these two lines:
C'est grâce à toi que l'on fait des folies
Qui sont bien le meilleur de la vie.

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