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Little Butterfly

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A flower in the mouth1 could be useful,
I wouldn't swear on it.
But, where are you flying to, little butterfly,
can't you see that I'm here?
Like a flower,
like a field.
If I were you I'd lean on (it)
to tell me,
as an example,
the way you live.
You could tell me,
little sister,
about what you believe in.
What are you hoping for?
What are you dreaming about?
What will you be doing as a grown up?
If you block yourself
against the wind
or you push as hard as you can.
What freight, on some nights!
Do you ever feel lonely?
So lonely that,
that you can't take it anymore.
If you're in need of affection,
if you need it like I do.
If you're in need of affection
and of something that's not here.
For you, between joy
and pain,
what is the difference?
Do you want children?
Yes, children!
Or you never think about it.
And is sex a problem
or not?
You seem free and happy
or do you, at times, cry a little?
Around, they say,
little butterfly,
that you don't have a soul.
And, how do you do it,
little one,
how do you say yes or no.
Don't think that I'm crazy
if I'm talking to you.
It's only that I'm lonely,
little sister,
so very lonely that...
I'm in need of affection.
For today, keep me with you.
I'm in need of affection,
I also need you.
I'm in need of love
and of something that's not here.
I'm in need of affection....
I'm in need of affection....
I'm in need of love....
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