Gemelli Diversi - Per farti sorridere (English translation)

English translation

To make you smile

A song just for you
To make you smile, smile
This modern life put me under stress
I've my head under a press
Few fresh and depressed people
I'd like to see the sea out of my window
Once I used to see fields
And not just two blocked construction sites
Compared to the past
Now we are all a bit crazy
With our rushed life
With the call setup fee
With another increase of the taxes
And a shady gang that shirks
This world is cold
But I laugh and I feel lucky
Because everything has a price
But there's nothing like a kiss from you
I'll write a song just for you
And then I'll sing it to make you smile
And I'll search (I'll search)
Beautiful words
But they will never be
As beautiful as you are
As beautiful as you are
As beautiful as you are
As beautiful as you are
Take all of my days, if you want
You deserve the best parts of me
Turn the music up, as much as you can
That's what you like
That's what you like
So that when you will feel low
And I'll be far away for a concert
My voice can reach you
And remind you that you're special
Because when you're by my side
The world seems to be less bastard
I'd want to tell you but I don't speak
And then I lost myself in your look
So fragile, so proud
So simple, so true
That leaves me breathless
Focused with a dumb face
You look at me smiling
And you say that I have a lack of neurons
I let you take the piss out of me
And at the same time I think about this song
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Per farti sorridere

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