like father, like son

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like father, like son (English) — Når en søn er ligesom hans far.

Danish, explained by Safyra on Sat, 10/02/2018 - 06:16

like father, like son — Fathers and sons resemble each other, and sons tend to do what their fathers did before them.

English, explained by runafes on Fri, 28/12/2012 - 20:04

I've tried to add an equivalent at least 14 times, and the buttons don't work,

An equivalent expression is "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

- BuenSabor 5 years ago

like father, like son — Katulad ng ama ang kanyang anak na lalaki sa isang aspeto tulad ng sa ugali o sa mga gawa.

Filipino/Tagalog, explained by hariboneagle927 on Thu, 03/01/2013 - 16:27

like father, like son — Το μήλο θα πέσει κάτω απ' τη μηλιά

Greek, explained by Guest on Thu, 07/12/2017 - 22:17

like father, like son — "Κατά μάνα, κατά κύρη" - για τα παιδιά που υιοθετούν τη συμπεριφορά και τους τρόπους των γονιών τους.

Greek, explained by Afroditi Dimitriou on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 22:17

like father, like son — Tradotto testualmente: Tale padre, tale figlio.
Il significato di questo idioma è che il figlio ha ripreso caratteristiche (positive o negative) del padre.

Italian, explained by halcyonlore on Sat, 16/06/2018 - 17:24

like father, like son — Asa tata, asa fiu

Romanian, explained by Cecilia Dobrin on Fri, 31/03/2017 - 17:39

like father, like son — Яблоко от яблони недалеко падает

Russian, explained by renoz on Sun, 15/10/2017 - 17:55

like father, like son — Jabolko ne pade daleč od drevesa

Slovene, explained by Roland Tischer on Thu, 09/06/2016 - 14:51

Translations of "like father, like son"

Arabicأقلب القدرة على فمها تطلع البنت لأمها
Arabicمن شابه أباه فما ظلم
Arabicماشابه اباه فما ظلم
Arabicالابن سر أبيه
ArmenianՊտուղը ծառից հեռու չի ընկնում.
AzerbaijaniAnasına bax, qızını al
BulgarianКрушата не пада по-далеч от дървото
Bulgarianкакъвто бащата - такъв и синът
Bulgarianкрушата не пада далеч от дънера
Bulgarian #1, #2, English
CroatianJabuka ne pada daleko od stabla.
DanishÆblet falder ikke langt fra træet
DanishSom far, sådan søn
DutchZo vader, zo zoon.
DutchDe appel valt niet ver van de boom
Englisha chip off the old block
EnglishThe Apple does not fall far from the tree
EnglishEagles do not breed doves
Englisha wise goose never lays a tame egg
FinnishEi omena kauas puusta putoa.
FinnishEi omena kauas puusta putoa
FinnishMinkälainen isä, sen lainen poikakin.
FrenchTel père, tel fils
GermanDer Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm.
GermanWie der Vater so der Sohn.
GreekΤο μήλο κάτω από την μηλιά θα πέσει
GreekΚατά μάνα κατά κύρη (κάνανε και γιο ζαφείρι / κατά γιο και θυγατέρα)
Greek (classical)Κακού κοράκος κακόν ωόν
Hebrewתפוח לא נופל רחוק מהעץ
Hindiशेर का बच्चा शेर होता है ।
HungarianAz alma nem esik messze a fájától
IndonesianBuah jatuh tidak jauh dari pohonnya
ItalianLa mela non cade lontana dall'albero
ItalianTale padre, tale figlio
KazakhАлма алма ағашынан алысқа құламайды
Kurdish (Sorani)چی بچینیت ئەوە ئەدووریتەوە
LatinTalis pater, talis filius
LithuanianKoks medis, toks ir vaisius.
LithuanianObuoliai obelį seka.
Persianميوه پاي درختش ميوفته!!
Persianمادر رو ببين دختر رو بگير!!!
Persianمادر رو بپسند دخترش رو بگیر
PolishJaki pan, taki kram.
English #1, #2
PolishJaka jabłoń, takie jabłko.
PolishNiedaleko pada jabłko od jabłoni.
Portuguesefilho de peixe peixinho é
PortugueseQuem sai aos seus, não degenera
PortugueseFilho de peixe, peixinho é
PortugueseTal pai, tal filho.
RomanianCe naște din pisică șoareci mănâncă
RomanianAșchia nu sare departe de trunchi
RomanianAşa tată, aşa fiu
RussianЯблоко от яблони недалеко падает
Russian #1, #2
RussianКаков поп таков приход
SerbianKakav otac, takav sin/Drvo ne pada daleko od klada
SloveneJabolko ne pade daleč od drevesa
SpanishDe tal palo, tal astilla
English #1, #2, #3, #4, Spanish
SpanishCual cuervo, tal su huevo.
SwedishÄpplet faller inte långt från trädet
TurkishArmut dibine düşer
Turkishanasına bak, kızını al
Albanian, English #1, #2, Serbian
UkrainianЯке коріння, таке й насіння
VietnameseCha nào, con nấy
ZapotecStica' yága, ngueca bandadi'

"like father, like son" in lyrics

you are going to your shift.

Dirt and grime has tradition
Like father, like son.
Dirt and grime has tradition
Honest work, honest wage

Die Krupps - 5 Million

any way of escape is futile.
Forgive me when you see me in the mirror

Like father like son...
Blue eyes are faithful to me...

Ost+Front - Please Hit Me

This is what he pays me for, i'll show you how it's done
Doo da doo doo doo doo, doo da doo doo doo doo
You'll learn to love the pain you feel, like father, like son

The queerest of the queer, hide inside your head

Garbage - Queer

That is because of capitalism
I will give it back to you
That is because of the destiny
Like father, like son
A woman can only be a whore or a good mum
She is my love forever

Jean-Jacques Goldman - It's not true !

you know, about me and my future...
I've just left school...and I don't know what I want to do...I must have somehow have taken the drug... and landed up here. Jeanne: My name is Jeanne . . and let me tell you my story . .
my father owns many acres around here ... which are farmed by peasants ... whom he rules with an iron hand .. the neighbouring landlord's even worse ... and I'm supposed to marry his son ...
That's not my choice, you know, 'like father, like son'. Jamie: Well I see we've both got our problems ...
perhaps we can help each other ...
I've got something here... lots of my friends smoke it...

Eloy (Germany) - Love Over Six Centuries

wobbling procession
Like Lari und Fari
Like Stefan and Harry
And so often like father like son
Like Lari und Fari
Like Stefan und Harry

Reinhard Mey - Message in a bottle

If you're not my blood, you are my bones.
The only one I've ever known.

You showed me how to be a man.
You don't know what you mean to me.
So many secrets run through me.

The Word Alive - Like Father Like Son

I don't watch any game anymore,
I hope that he'll leave me alone too
Even if everyone hates me now: Dieter Bohlen[fn]Judge on the German version of <em>America's Got Talent</em>, amongst other things.[/fn] is the wickest!
Boris Becker[fn]Former German tennis player.[/fn] - like father, like son
After the semen theft, someone simply cloned the father - The poor kids, no one reads the newspaper now, man, those were the days
Everyone wants to be a star, Germany doesn't celebrate any

Fler - Germany, Your Stars

Suddenly, illness beat his father up and began to break him down.
He (Noor) found himself the one to catch his home and sisters before falling down.
Started he to work in his father's workshop and told everyone that he had decided to quit university.
In months he became a well-known master. Like father, like son.
But, out of sight, he kept studying . His professors appreciated him
once they knew about his circumstances and ignored his permanent absence.

Zap Tharwat - Noor*

If I had become the world's best physician,
I would cure my father of his crippling disease.
Of course, I’m too embarrassed to say such a thing out loud.
I guess it’s true what they say; like father, like son.

And if I saw you sleeping right next to me,

amazarashi - Some What Ifs

Feel the grass beneath my feet.
Evolve into what I 'ought to be...

But just remember, like father like son.
This disease runs in our blood.

Oceans Ate Alaska - No Strings

Aku benar-benar seorang bajingan kecil,
Karena aku selalu melarikan diri.
Ya, kau tahu apa yang mereka katakan
"Buah jatuh tak jauh dari pohonnya"[fn value="*"]An Indonesian proverb, equivalent tof the phrase 'like father like son'; literally means 'A fruit will fall nearby its tree'"*"[/fn]
Jangan perdaya dengan belas kasihanmu,
Karena aku bisa melakukan ini sendiri.

Neck Deep - Mekar

From a boy to a man and then he goes
Transcribe His own plan
It might be flows
Like father, like son
Whatever He does
As long as something gets done

Jazz Liberatorz - Vacation

Guys are dogs and dogs think with their dick, ha?
Hope that it's worth it, one can hope that you're enjoying yourself, ha?
Later you swallow your fear and come home and lie (tell lies), ha?
Like father, like son, and everything's come full circle, ha?

Parham - Like father, like son

I fell sick I didn't tell you
It was too hard to say
Like father, like son
We pushed it away

Stepson - Twelve