Joanna - Tô Fazendo Falta (English translation)

English translation

You are missing so much

Yesterday I met you
You looked so beautiful
It seemed that nothing happend
With an air of happiness
With an air of whom, peaceful with life
I don't know
But something didn't convince me
And you even pretend
that you don't care about me
But you can't deceive me
I know you are still interested in me
Tell why does it have to be like this?
You may get some time to think about
And take an eternity to regret
It's upon your face, I can see in your eyes
You are missing me so much
It is madness not to listen to your heart
Doing so is like wishing yourself to suffer
I don't want to see you lonely
You are missing me so much
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Tô Fazendo Falta

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