Mohamed Hamaki - Fe 7odn 3eneik (في حضن عنيك) (English translation)


Fe 7odn 3eneik (في حضن عنيك)

في حضن عنيك لقيت نفسىي
وهفضل ليك
ده انا طول عمري مستنيك
حياتى بحالها ملك ايديك
سنين بتفوت
سنين تجري
حبيبي هعيش معاك عمري
عشان خاطري
ماليش بعديك
وانا وياك
وصلت لآخر الاحلام
خلاص مبقتش اخاف
م الدنيا والايام
حبيبي انت اللي نسيتني
ليالي زمان
يا واخد قلبي وعنيا
وروحي كمان
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English translation

In the Embrace of Your Eyes

I found myself in the embrace of your eyes
And I will remain yours
I've been waiting for you my whole life
My entire life is all yours
Years go
Years pass by
My darling, I will live my life with you
Don't push me away
for my sake, please.
I have no one but you
Being with you
I have reached the last of my dreams
I finally don't fear
the world and the days
Darling, you are the one who made me forget
the nights in the past
Oh you've taken away my heart, my eyes
And my soul too
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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