Feast on

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Meanings of "Feast on"


To eat a great deal of something; to eat a feast built around something in particular.

Example: Alanis Morisette's album "Feast on scraps".


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Explained by Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca

To eat a lot of a certain food.

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"Feast on" in lyrics

MiyaGi - Hummingbird

Cut the brains out,cut the nose.
While the temptations beckon and the frost is (?).
The beasts feast on scandals.

FAKE TYPE. - Nightmare Parade

The darkness is lightened up, music cutting through the silence,
And even weirder, the townspeople dancing with all their might.
"We won't let you feast on our dreams any more,
We'll dance till it's our end, with only our bones left,

Hassak - Legacy

We share our grandfathers' duty:
To protect our land from all our enemies
And feast on the Day of Freedom
Through blood and snowstorms!

The Rigs - Devil's Playground

Where good and bad cease to exist
Here your command is our wish
Feast on the fruit of every tree
You can bathe in every dream

Sickick - Gomd

Mossin' with a scarecrow in the field, no
Lucifer reborn as a God
Feast on the blood drippin' down my jaw
Step out of my line and get outlined in chalk

Of Monsters and Men - All this love

that I don't understand
all this love
feast on it
because there's enough to go around

Valravn - Raven

Craw Craw, there is an offer for
a feast on a cold ground
a feast on a cold ground

Yelle - A day will come

I didn't have dessert
While I feast on it
This morning I feel

Icelandic Folk - The Raven's Song

Caw, caw! cos' ready for us is,
a feast on cold ice.
a feast on cold ice.'

Keiko Wakabayashi - The Lullaby of Itsuki

The water will come falling down from the sky.

*Bon - Buddhist feast on and around September 15, when apprentices were given holidays.

Finntroll - Shrouded in Blood

Rinses my soul, washes it clean
In a rage, a storm of defeat
I howl, feast on the elixir of life

Gary - Butt

Even when I close my eyes, the after image of you won’t go away
I’m so happy, I need the love in your hands more than millions of dollars
You’re always a virgin to me, I wanna have you like a feast on a table
Tonight, I wanna go so deep in you that I touch your throat

Ponyphonic - Feed Me With Your Heart

I care not for flesh, nor I
For fruit, or leaf, or seed
I feast on your devotion, dear
Your love is all I need

Yalla - Chayhana

“Chayhana-man”, pour a tea
Instead of strong coffee.
Now, I’m going to play a music
That’s liked in these places.

Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum

Cut in half – infanticide
The world will rejoice today
As the crows feast on the rotting poet

Behemoth - If Crucifixion Was Not Enough…

Ravishing sires ov the black hosts!

Feast on their bones!
Feed on their flesh!

Damia - The evil prayer

and Joinville and all his sailors
to their doom, so that the sharks
may feast on these lying lips.

Bengü - Sending Big, Big Kisses

You will understand how it is to be carried away
By someone like you, just wait and see!
You feast on people's life
You suck them dry

Paint - After Ever After

The British are killing, oil is spilling
Now I can't see... MY EYES!
Chinamen feast on Flounder's fins
Plus the Japanese killed all my whale friends

Hladno Pivo - Real me

Has a flat in the centre, healthy liver
And a hundredth and one other quality.
We feast on ice-cream
And he likes stracciatella...