Fenesta vascia (English translation)

English translation

Low window

Low window of cruel mistress,
How many sighs I made for you!
My heart burns, like a candle
When I hear your name, my beauty!
Oh, be like the snow!
The snow is cold but one can touch it.
And you, how can you be so stern and cruel?
Seeing me dying, don't you want to help me?
I wish I was a boy again
Who sells water in a street,
To go away from here to big houses:
Dear ladies! Ah! Who wants some water?
If any girl asks from balcony:
"Who is this guy who sells water?"
I'll answer ,with reserve:
"It's my tears of love, it's not water!"
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A very old Neapolitan song. It was written in the 16th century. Author of lyrics and music are unknown.


Fenesta vascia

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