Few and far between

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Few and far between (English) — Something that is very rare, or only seen on unusual occurrences. Seeing a 'strawberry moon' is very difficult because of atmospheric conditions and they are few and far between.

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EnglishRare as hen's teeth

"Few and far between" in lyrics

‘Cause we won’t be around too long
Life goes on, life goes on (yeah)

Lately it seems the good dreams are few and far between
Nightmares are pouring the fires out with gasoline
And I’m just trying to stay righteous

Gym Class Heroes - Life Goes On

You've got enough pain for both of us
I've got all these things I'm focused on
You treat all the rules like you're the queen
But you and I are few and far between

The Neighbourhood - Ferrari

Magazines and TV screens are telling the world is going, going down
How could days are few and far between
And I don't really like the way it sounds
I think my generation is growing up complaining

Union J - Head In The Clouds

Kneeling, looking through the paper though he doesn't know to read
Oh prayin now to something that has never showed him anything
Oh, feeling understands the weather of the winters on it's way, yeah
Oh, ceilings few and far between all legal halls of shame

Even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies

Pearl Jam - Even Flow

Lovin flyin on this summer breeze
warmed by the rays the sun puts on me
days like today
few and far between
catch while you can
this day of day breeze

Becca Jones - I'll Get Mine

[Solo - Chris]

When things were good I know you would always be there for me
Yes, It's true; friends like you are few and far between
I wish I may, I wish I might, the things you do ain't quite right
Just ain't right

Megadeth - Don't turn your back

And if I can die for love, then I'm enslaved
(Can anybody save me?)

Second chances are too few and far between
Will to change this circumstance eludes me still
Should I grow another shell in which to live?

Seether - Tongue

Our arms raised to the sky,
Each of us looking for a new life (oh, oh, oh)
We sing that life is beautiful,
Even though gods are few and far between [x2]
We no longer see the road, we no longer see the road
After staring at the sky for so long,

Corneille - The Tale

Good men are few and far between,
Sometimes they are only in our dreams,
If you find one then you should cherish,
Every telephone call that he makes,
Alway gives you things and never takes,
Tells you that he loves you when you are sleeping.

Gemma Fox - Good Man

Nothing tie the world to me

The silent treatment gets to me
So few and far between
These great dividing acts
Behind those silent eyes

Dark Tranquillity - The Silence In Between

I remember how it was, back when we were both in love again, made-up memories.
They were few and far between, no it wasn't meant to be from then.

Been stuck inside a dream, woke up and I could breathe the air.

My Darkest Days - Goodbye

Now Stanley cup-ring weights finger,
medals on Leijonat uniform.
But try to understand wimp,
few and far between gets lift to celebrity.
Teukka dominates NHL,
drives from home to practice with Ferrari.

JVG - Teemu and Jari*

The stars look all too near
Flowers on the razor wire
I know you're here
We are few and far between

I was thinking about her skin

The Sisters of Mercy - Ribbons

These times stifling any discord
Behind shut doors the influential people
Put fitting words into the mouths of everyone
Divergent opinions are few and far between

All the same old self-repetitive clichés

Mariska - Freedom of Speech

I want a little bit more

This just isn't worth it,
Our dates are few and far between
I almost never see you
Your intentions are good,

Juan Gabriel - It Isn't Worth It

Ai suferit cat pentru amandoi
Am toate lucrurile care ma intereseaza
Tu tratez toate lucrurile de parca esti regina
But you and I are few and far between

The Neighbourhood - Ferrari

Times are far between and few I bet
When we can look upon our lives without regret
Of all the things I have done
You think I'm proud of everyone
Without exception?

10,000 Maniacs - Few and far between

I think he's a livin' dream
Well, there are men
But ones like him
Are few and far between

Mama, he's crazy

The Judds - Mama he's crazy

It makes my feelings even more painful

Along the long road I’ve lived,
Even smiles have been few and far between

Meiko Kaji - The Day of the Hollow Wind