Fiamme e l'Inferno [Hellfire] (English translation)


Fiamme e l'Inferno [Hellfire]

Frollo: Beata Maria
Sai buon ch'ommo song I
Degno so' e me dicere "cristiano"
Beata Maria
Pe cert so' chiù puro I
E tutt 'sti cafoni attuorn a me
Ma allora, Maria
Pecché 'a vec r'abballà?
Cu chill'uocchij veziusi a me smiccià
'A sent
'A vec
'O niro re capill suoje
M'allasca ra tutt'e vuler Tuoje
È 'o Fuoco e l'Inferno
C'appiccia 'a pella mia
'Na smania dannata
Ca p'o peccato è 'a via
'N'è colpa mia
Ch'essa fa I
Si chella zingara ha stregat 'o core mio?
Che c'azzecc I
Si chillu Dio
Facett 'o Diavol chiù fort e l'ommo pio?
Pe pietà, Maria
'N fa vencer 'sta serpe ca
Strusciann me vuless sdellummà
Petri' Esmeralda
Pene e l'Inferno adda patì
Oppure falla essere ra mia
Guard: Ministro Frollo, 'a zingara se n'è fujuta
Frollo: Che cosa?
Guard: Nu sta chiù rind 'a cattedral. È scumparza
Frollo: Ma comm? I...
Nun fa nient
Vattenn, miezzuscemo
'A truvarraggio
Giuro c'a trovo a costo e brucià tutt 'a città e Parigi
'E fiamme chiù scure
Sarrann 'a fina toja
Si rind 'o futuro
'N sarraggio 'a scelta toja
Dio, aiutala tu
Dio, aiutame tu
Ma sarrà ra mia o
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Frollo: Beata Maria
You know well what kind of man I am
I'm worthy to call myself "christian"
Beata Maria
Surely I'm the purest one
Between all these churls
But then, Maria
Why I see her dancing?
Looking at me with her lustful eyes
I feel her
I see her
The black of her hair
Takes me away from all Your wishes
It's the hellfire
Which burns my skin
A damned longing/intolerance
Which is the way to the sin
It's not my fault
What should I do
If that gypsy has bewitched my heart?
What have I got to do
If God1
Made the Devil stronger than the pious man?
For pity's sake, Maria
Don't let this snake win
(This snake that) Would like to break the junctures of my bones, crawling
Lapidate Esmeralda
She must suffer the pains of hell
Or else let her be mine
Guard: Minister Frollo, the gypsy has escaped
Frollo: What?
Guard: No longer in the cathedral. She's gone
Frollo: But how? I...
Never mind
Get out, you half-stupid
I'll find her
I'll find her if I have to burn down all of Paris
The darkest flames
Will be your end
If in the future
I'm not your choice
God, help her
God, help me
But she will be mine or
She will burn
  • 1. "chillu=that" is just to emphasize
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