Skolot - Na pole Kulikovom, 3 (На поле Куликовом, 3) (English translation)


Na pole Kulikovom, 3 (На поле Куликовом, 3)

В ночь, когда Мамай залег с ордою
Степи и мосты,
В темном поле были мы с Тобою,-
Разве знала Ты?
Перед Доном темным и зловещим,
Средь ночных полей,
Слышал я Твой голос сердцем вещим
В криках лебедей.
С полуночи тучей возносилась
Княжеская рать,
И вдали, вдали о стремя билась,
Голосила мать.
И, чертя круги, ночные птицы
Реяли вдали.
А над Русью тихие зарницы
Князя стерегли.
Орлий клёкот над татарским станом
Угрожал бедой,
А Непрядва убралась туманом,
Что княжна фатой.
И с туманом над Непрядвой спящей,
Прямо на меня
Ты сошла, в одежде свет струящей,
Не спугнув коня.
Серебром волны блеснула другу
На стальном мече,
Освежила пыльную кольчугу
На моем плече.
И когда, наутро, тучей черной
Двинулась орда,
Был в щите Твой лик нерукотворный
Светел навсегда.
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Poem by Aleksandr Blok

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English translation

On the field of Kulikovo, Part 3

At night, when Mamai brought his horde to
The bridges, and steppe below,
On the darkened field I stood beside you -
Oh, did you not know?
In the fields, the deepest night now falling,
Ahead the baleful Don,
In my knowing heart I heard you calling
In the crying swan.
Like a storm cloud, rising after midnight
Came the Prince's host,
And, afar off, clinging to a stirrup tight,
A mother's keening voice.
And, describing circles, birds unsleeping
Soared far off, on high,
While o'er Rus and o'er her prince watch keeping,
Lightning lit the sky.
Eagles, screaming o'er the Tatar's marshalled ranks,
Threats of anguish railed,
While Nepryadva hid with fog her gentle banks,
Like a princess veiled.
And with fog the still Nepryadva lining,
For me, straight as a bolt,
You came, in robes that set the air all shining,
Unstartled stood my colt.
For your friend you blazed, a wave of silver
On my sharpened blade,
Dusted off and polished up the hauberk
On my shoulder laid.
And when in the morning marched the Tatar bands,
Like a cloud of night,
In my shield your face, not forged by human hands,
Shone forever bright.
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This is not a 'poetic' translation of Blok's poem. It is designed to be suitable for Skolot's music.

sandring    Tue, 16/05/2017 - 10:26

Dear Richard, thank you for your wonderful translation! One thing - голосить refers to the manner of speaking, i.e. to speak at one's pitch of voice, emotionally and breaking into screams at times. One can голосить песню but it must be mentioned. It's often associated with keening, bewailing etc. In this case the translation "keened along" looks more likely. Thank you! Regular smile I've added the video.

Richard Coombes    Tue, 16/05/2017 - 15:40

Nadia, thank you again for all your support and help. Right, thanks! The only thing is - "keened along" makes it sound as if she was accompanying Val Doonican ... I'll definitely change it, just let me have a few mins to think it over, please.

sandring    Tue, 16/05/2017 - 18:39

Yes, Richard, it was at a first guess to keep the rhyme. Sounds silly, agree. But you know what to do better than me anyway. Regular smile

Richard Coombes    Fri, 19/05/2017 - 11:01

Nadia, it took a bit of doing, but I have made a more accurate version, in line with your comment. I also noticed that I should improve the accuracy of the first line of the same verse. I ended up somewhat approximating the rhyme and using poetic licence with the English grammar, but I think this works now. Thank you again.