Calle 13 - Fiesta de locos (English translation)

English translation

Party of Crazy People

There are green worms in my brain
I am dying of the suffering in my brain
Because of this I am a rebel
Like an old person
I'm riding a bicycle in my underpants
With Viagra in my pockets
I'm a rebel
Like an altar boy in a church
Smoking a cigarette
Without the nun suspecting
I'm a rebel
Like a cow that doesn't want to give milk
All of the old people
With hairs on their legs
With free spirits
And modern mindsets
The head gives a jump
And jumps on the table
On top of the French Fries
Vodka, rum and beer in the air
Jumps from Mexico to Buenos Aires
With the whole mafia, the choir, the band
With ten Brazillian women dancing the samba with me
I am enjoying a pruning hook*
A heap of rum after the gathering**
A definition, a paradise
(Of people puking on the floor)
This is a Party of Crazy People!(Hey Hey,Hey Hey!)
This is a Party of Crazy People!(Hey Hey,Hey Hey!)
This is a Party of Crazy People!(Hey Hey,Hey prr!)
But I'm the only one who isn't crazy! ( I'm the only one who isn't crazy!)
Nena,I know my letter is obscene
But with her the payment is a fortnight
Feminist women let's go talk without excuses
You spread out the blanket and I will squeeze you
My love, you are going to love this scoundrel
Although you are intelligent or abnormal
They are the same, according to Sigmund Freud
Sexuality surrounds everything I am
The sexual is natural, God Damn it
The boy monkey with the girl monkey
Like Animal Planet
And sperm with ovaries
Open your Disney Channel mind
And mature until it breaks
Tongue with tongue, without censure....
Submitted by transitivity111 on Mon, 22/03/2010 - 04:27
Author's comments:

*The closest word I could find to "bodollom" was "bodollo," "pruning hook"
**Un botellon is an informal gathering of friends to drink and socialize

Overall note: This song uses a lot of colloquial and slang phrases and intentionally bizarre wording, so translations are approximate.

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Fiesta de locos

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