Miguel Bosé - Fiesta siberiana (English translation)

English translation

Siberian Festival

Siberian Festival
morning ice
rust and steam from railway
order of Moscow without poetry
I would march, I would go
Touch balalaika
singing of a troika
profile of an officer, she loved him
the war for peace never ended
he didn´t return, he didn´t return
Distant eyes as nordic springs
sharp wind that banishes our souls
keep in your belly until
a tacit dream come back
that a tragic wall doesn´t rise in my memory
dance, boy, to the rhythm of a tartar dance
turn on the rose of your sword and your tunic
break the melancholy silence of nomads
cold steppe for an exodus of weak
Festival that the moon becomes Madrileña
jealousy of uniform I will offer
tell him that his wife will sing,
I will sing, I will sing
They are memories of a night
your look that binds me oh!
they are memories of one night
your poison that kills me ay!
Vodka to love who is leaving
deep forest sleeps already
sleep now, sleep now .
blood of Volga
vein of a hypnotic landscape
infinite taiga with aristocratic charisma
from Petroburg to Leningrad
a very pale sun
always in the ford
between a Tsar and an anarchic dream
Dance ... (Chorus)
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Fiesta siberiana

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