Filiz Naldoven - Write songs about love she said

English, Turkish
English, Turkish

Write songs about love she said

A little girl in Kyrenia,
Moonlight to the eye, companion to the heart
Said, “Write songs about love.”
To me, to the woman condemned to pace Kyrenia
Through her body, forgotten by love.
Unaware of the dirty overflow in the streets,
The harbour a filthy rope wrapped
Around my neck.
Who said snails are luminous?
A little girl in Kyrenia
With her sweet doll’s mouth open,
“Write songs about love”, she said.
Unaware of the carcass piles of crow choirs
In airless boxes on wheels,
Place a knot above suffocation in my heart.
I threaten Kyrenia and it threatens me,
Knowing our roads will never meet
But intersect. We are still unaware.
“Write songs about love”, she said
A little girl with essence of honey
Still at the first crossroads of love
Pain loaded ships, snake in my heart.
“Where is love?”, I said.
Either I have become too purified or too corrupted.
( translated by : Aydin Mehmet Ali)
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