Finger licking

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Finger licking (English) — Çok lezzetli, parmak yalatacak kadar leziz.

Turkish, explained by Effy Stonem on Mon, 17/07/2017 - 10:52

"Finger licking" in lyrics

Who wants an evil queen without a sack of sins?

Don't you wanna be heartless and hardened as stone?
Don't you wanna be finger licking evil to the bone?

This was not for us to ponder

Descendants (OST) - Evil Like Me

Got me tip toe walking on the moonlight
Who's there, who's now, who's busy, busy
Who cares? You don't, you with me, with me
Better walk, hit the lights, finger-licking good
We're tricking with the bouncers, it's all good
Who's love, who's there, who's itty bitty

G Girls - Call the police

The womb beater, clean pussy eater, inserting my john
In that spot hotter than the hottest block, don't stop
Response I got when I was knocking it
Clocks steading ticking, kinky finger licking
The cannon, seen us at my temple when she moans
I gotta slow down before I cum soon

Eminem - Drips

Live living on my pussy, all my ladies let me hear you
I'm a CEO, Dream girl, Drug Dealer
Real just like my titties you can even cop a feel-a
Finger licking good, treat my pussy like a meal-a
Talk about my tit size I need to see your dick size
Show me what you're working with I better win a big prize

Brooke Candy - Das Me

Giving what you going to give to get a dollar bill
She used to be a limber chick
Time's been ticking
Now she's finger licking to the man
With the money in his pocket
Flying in his rocket

Jack Johnson - Taylor

Dissin' stop your bitchin'
Made the riches with my words
Making pasta in the kitchen
Shit is finger licking
Now they acting so suspicious
'Cos my serving so delicious

KSI - Goes Off