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You're scared of what's ahead
Throw it all away into the fire
I'll show you just how it's done
and we'll be soaring higher
You've just been blowing smoke
You run in circles like a real live wire well blaze a new trail instead
We're goin' to a new frontier
It's time to shine now's the time can't you feel ignition starting inside sour soul
The fire in you The strongest fire When it explodes you can achieve the impossible so Burn up n' Go
Can you see it now past the ashes how things have never looked so bright
You're the source of that burning light you've got some FIREPOWER
Flaming in your eyes and it's no surprise cuz it's been there from the start
That's the courage deep in your heart You've got some FIREPOWER
You've got the fire inside you
Just try to prove me wrong
Cuz we'll be blazin' a new trail
Why don't you come along
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